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Digital Membrane Switch
Digital Membrane Switch
Digital Membrane Switch

Digital Membrane Switch for Human-Machine Interface

Yu An Electronics is an integrated industry and trade company that specializing in the manufacturing of various tactile membrane switches, our products range from the simplest membrane switches such as PET membrane switch, FPC membrane switch and PCB membrane switch. Meanwhile, some special backlit lighting products also available in Yu An, for example: LED membrane switch, light guide film tactile membrane switches, fiber optical products. In addition, epoxy products and digital printed products also are the optional.

Our service:

PET, FPC, PCB, LED, LGF, Fiber optical membrane switches available

Waterproof, UV protection design, EDS design, ITO film anti-static

Assemble LED, sensors, resistors

Fiber optical backlit, EL backlit, LGF backlit design

  • Panel material:PVC, PC, PET

  • Insulation resistance:>=100VDC

  • Rebound time:<=6ms

  • Loop resistance:≤80Ω (within 40cm of a single key return route)

  • Applications:various household/commercial appliances, medical/industrial/electronic equipment panels

Basic Parameters of Tactile Membrane Switch
Max. Panel size 600*800mm
Max. Panel size    (with emboss) 400*500mm
Paste silver paste, carbon paste
Ink color red, black, blue, white, yellow, green, purple, etc
Trace width 0.15-0.20mm
LED spec. 0402, 0603, 0805, 1210
Wire length Per customer requirements
Waterproof class IP65
Connector female pin, male pin
Metal dome types triangle, for-legs, circle
Trip force (metal dome) 280g, 340g, 450g
Travel (metal dome) 0.35-0.71
Diameter (metal dome) 8.4mm, 10mm, 12.2mm
Surface treatment  (metal dome) gold plating, nickle plating, stainless
Back adhesive DSMS, 3M, SOKEN
Citcuit board option FPC, PCB, Aluminum
Panel material PET, PC, TPU, PMMA
Uses of Membrane Switch

What are Advantages of Digital Printed Membrane Switches?

Different with screen printing method, digital printed technology offers some additional benefits, which including:

  • High-tech printing techniques
  • Beautiful and gradient colors
  • Cost-efficient (prototype and small orders)
  • High precision and detail
  • Quick turnaround (prototype and small orders)
  • Customization

Detail Description

Customer Background:

Secure Tech, a famous provider in the security industry, engaging in the manufacturing of advanced security monitoring systems. Their operational model involves integrating components from various suppliers to create sophisticated security solutions. With a strategic focus on enhancing the aesthetics of their products, Secure Tech Systems aimed to redesign the control interface overlay, envisioning a striking gradient color scheme transitioning from deep navy blue, reminiscent of the ocean depths, to a serene light blue. Despite extensive inquiries with current suppliers, none could achieve the desired gradient effect through traditional screen printing methods. In pursuit of a solution that would align with their vision, Secure Tech Systems turned to our company for expertise.

Project Challenge:

The primary challenge lay in the constraints of traditional screen printing methods, which proved inadequate for achieving the desired gradient color for the security monitoring system overlay. Identifying digital printing technology as the most suitable alternative, we faced the task of seamlessly blending colors to recreate the captivating transition from deep navy blue to serene light blue, mirroring the allure of the ocean.

Our Solutions:

After talking with customers, our engineer team suggested to use digital printed technology to finish this order. And finally, the samples have been approved by customers. The successful sample production that followed garnered high praise from Secure Tech Systems’ team, expressing utmost satisfaction with the visually captivating gradient colors on the security monitoring system overlay.

Customer Feedback:

The incoming inspections and functionality tests conducted by the Secure Tech Systems team were prompt and thorough, confirming that all digital printed membrane switches featured consistent colors and adhered precisely to the design specifications without any deviations. This positive outcome not only solidified Secure Tech Systems’ satisfaction but also led to subsequent orders. Initial sample orders seamlessly transitioned into mass production, emphasizing the success of our collaboration in meeting Secure Tech Systems’ unique design aspirations for their security monitoring system control interfaces. This accomplishment underscores the capability of digital printed membrane switches in elevating the visual appeal of Secure Tech Systems’ security products while maintaining functionality and reliability.

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