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Light Guide Film (LGF) Membrane Switch
What Is Light Guide Film (LGF) Membrane Switch?

Light Guide Film membrane switch means that there is a backlight source from the LED side to light the graphic layer. Its purpose to provide the indication information to the users or when the product is used on the dark environment or night.

Sometimes, the LGF is applied on the dome retainer layer, and there is a small spacer to make the light shine through the overlay, just like the popular mechanical keyboard or keypad. It also has another design method, that is open a transparent window, just like flashlight. But it is not suggested except that you are requiring a strong light.

Types of Backlighting Membrane Switches
Types of Backlighting Membrane Switches

Yu An Electronics is a company who specializing in membrane switch manufacturing and assembly for numerous years. Here are three types of backlighting switches that we can make:

•Electroluminescent Lighting (EL) Backlight

•Optical Fiber Lighting

•Light Guide Film (LFG) Lighting

Among them, LGF membrane switch is the most cost-effective option. It is easy to assemble as well. In contrast to rubber membrane switch, except the extra lighting layers and overlay material, they have the same constructure. Therefore, we can easily distinguish them in visually.

What Are Advantages of LGF Membrane Switch
What Are Advantages of LGF Membrane Switches?

LGF (Light Guide Film) membrane switches offer several advantages, making them a popular choice for various applications. Here are some of the key benefits:

•Even and consistent backlighting across the entire keypad, uses enable to recognize and press the button correctly, even in low-light environments or entire dark rooms.
•The backlighting improves the aesthetics of the control interface. All the elements like symbols, icons, and text on the keypad are clearly and attractively illuminated. This is the one reason that why most of people like mechanical keyboards.
•Many LGF membrane switches are designed to provide tactile feedback, so users can feel a slight response when they press a button. But it only provides a minimal influence on the tactility of the membrane switch buttons.
•LGF membrane switches have long life that around 100,000 hours, making it a reliable lighting source.
•Enable to assemble with LEDs, resistors, sensors. And it can be designed into various shapes and colors.
•Waterproof and UV-proof design are available according to customer Requirements.

LGF Membrane Switch Product
How Can I Get My LGF Membrane Switch Product?

It is worth noted that membrane switches are belong to custom products like printed circuit boards, not a ready ship product. The most easy way to get your membrane switch is catch us directly if you have finished your design directly. Here is an order progress in Yu An Electronics:

•Make quotation of prototypes and mass quantities when receive the whole set of design files.
•Talk about application specifications and the details of the membrane switch such as operating conditions, mechanical requirements, appearance and certifications (RoHS, UL, ISO, etc.)
•Prepare Working Sketch/Files according to the design files. This step is to optimize traces where is not reasonable or out of tolerances.
•When the working files get approved by customers, then we will arrange to production and sales assistance will provide an estimated lead time.
•Confirm prototypes if it is a large quantity order. Otherwise, when samples are ready, we can arrange the shipment.

What Can Yu An Electronics Serves?

Yu An Electronics engaging in the combination of innovative design and stable manufacturing capability. We dedicated to offer custom tactile membrane switches that stand out for their flexibility, good durability, and user-friendly interfaces.

With a wealth of experience, no matter what unique products you need, our experienced experts will work with you and create custom membrane keyboards that make it easy for your operators to get the most out of their machines. Whether you are in consumer electronics, medical devices, automotive controls, or industrial machinery, Yu An Electronics is your trusted partner for membrane switch fabrication.

Custom Membrane Switch Design Water and Dust Resistance Stable Supply Chain High-Quality Manufacturing
Custom Membrane Switch Design Water and Dust Resistance Stable Supply Chain High-Quality Manufacturing


LGF Membrane Switch

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