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FPC Membrane Switch
FPC Membrane Switch
FPC Membrane Switch
FPC Membrane Switch
FPC Membrane Switch

FPC membrane switch for printers

FPC membrane switches is a type of user interface that combines the benefits of flexible circuit. It is a thin, lightweight, and flexible electronic component used to create a user interface in various electronic devices, such as keyboards, control panels, and appliances.

  • Electrical characteristics:35V (DC), 100mA, 1W

  • Contact resistance:10Ω-500Ω (varies according to the lead wire and the material use, generally<200Ω)

  • Insulation impedance:≥ 100MΩ 100V

  • Dielectric strength:250V Rms (50-60HZ, 1min)

  • Contact jitter time:≤ 5ms

Basic Parameters of Tactile Membrane Switch
Max. Panel size 600*800mm
Max. Panel size    (with emboss) 400*500mm
Paste silver paste, carbon paste
Ink color red, black, blue, white, yellow, green, purple, etc
Trace width 0.15-0.20mm
LED spec. 0402, 0603, 0805, 1210
Wire length Per customer requirements
Waterproof class IP65
Connector female pin, male pin
Metal dome types triangle, for-legs, circle
Trip force (metal dome) 280g, 340g, 450g
Travel (metal dome) 0.35-0.71
Diameter (metal dome) 8.4mm, 10mm, 12.2mm
Surface treatment  (metal dome) gold plating, nickle plating, stainless
Back adhesive DSMS, 3M, SOKEN
Citcuit board option FPC, PCB, Aluminum
Panel material PET, PC, TPU, PMMA
Uses of FPC Membrane Switch

The use of flexible materials in FPC membrane switches allows them to conform to irregular shapes and fit into compact spaces. This flexibility is particularly advantageous in applications where space is limited. FPC membrane switches offer a high degree of customization in terms of design, graphics, and functionality. This makes them ideal for creating unique and branded user interfaces tailored to specific product requirements.

Detail Description

Customer Background:

Best Printer Solutions, a leading manufacturer of high-quality printers, was facing challenges in enhancing the user interface of their latest printer model. They approached our company, Yu An Electronics, a specialist in innovative membrane switch technology, seeking a solution to improve the user experience of their printers.

Project Challenges:

The existing printers from customers still used traditional button-based interfaces, which limited the design possibilities and user interaction. And sometimes, the resistance is too high, leading to the poor uses of printers. Now they wanted to transition to a more modern and user-friendly interface by integrating a flex circuit membrane switch into their printers to decrease the resistance.

Our Solution:

Yu An Electronics worked closely with Best Printer to address the challenges. We conducted a comprehensive analysis of their printer’s architecture, user requirements, and market trends. Our solution included:

  1. Designed a tailor-made FPC membrane switch that fully integrated with Best’s printer, providing a sleek and modern interface.
  2. Strictly testing was conducted to ensure the product’s durability, including factors such as resistance to wear, temperature variations, and exposure to environmental elements.
  3. Our engineers worked on creating an intuitive and visually appealing user interface, incorporating feedback mechanisms to enhance user interaction.

Customer Satisfaction:

By using the updated printer, they experienced a positive response from both existing and new customers. The FPC membrane switch provided a significant improvement in the user interface, offering a modern and responsive touch. The enhanced durability of the membrane switch contributed to a decrease in customer complaints related to interface malfunctions.

Recently, they reported increased sales and improved customer satisfaction metrics. Yu An Electronics continues to collaborate with them on future projects, establishing a long-term partnership based on successful innovation and customer satisfaction.

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