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LGF Membrane Switch
LGF Membrane Switch
LGF Membrane Switch
LGF Membrane Switch
LGF Membrane Switch

LGF Membrane Switch in Laptop Backlit Keyboard

With the popular usage of the light guide film, people are trend to install it into the keyboard to improve the visibility of the key buttons. While a backlit keyboard may not be a critical feature for everyone, it can certainly provide added convenience and aesthetic appeal for those who frequently use their computers in varying lighting conditions. Many backlit keyboards come with customization options, allowing users to adjust the brightness level, choose different colors, or even program dynamic lighting effects.

  • LGF Switch Type:Touch and Non-touch Types

  • Circuit Paste:PET Silver Paste, FPC, PCB Circuits

  • Component Mounted:Assembly of LED, Resistors, Sensors and other parts Customizable for Waterproof and UV-Resistant Design as per Customer Requirements

  • Backlight Types:Fiber Optic Backlight, EL Backlight, LGF Backlight

  • ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) Anti-static Design:Utilizing Aluminum Foil, Printed AG or C Paste, ITO Film for Electrostatic Prevention

LGF Membrane Switch Specification
Panel size 114.6mm*58.6mm
Metal dome 6*20mm, 1*16mm
Overlay spacer 0.13mm (3M468)
Dome carrier 0.1mm (PET100)
Dome spacer 3M467 + LGF 0.5mm + 3M467
Lower circuit 0.125mm (PET125)
Back adhesive 0.05mm 3M467
LED 1*Bi-color LEDs
Wire length 40mm
Waterproof class IP65
Connector 1*10ways YD female housing
Total thickness 1.0mm
Uses of LGF Membrane Switch

Electrical Characteristics of Tactile Membrane Switches

Voltage Rating: 35V (DC), 100mA, 1W;

Contact Resistance: 10Ω-500Ω (varies with different lead wires and materials used), typically <200Ω;

Insulation Resistance: ≥100MΩ at 100V;

Dielectric Strength: 250V RMS (50-60Hz, 1min), where dielectric strength refers to the maximum voltage a substance can withstand for one minute without breakdown. Exceeding this voltage may cause the material to break down.

Contact Bounce Time: ≤5ms.

Detail Description

Customer Background:

ICON Electronics is a leading laptop manufacturer known for its high-performance devices. They were looking to enhance the user experience of their premium line of ultrabooks by incorporating an advanced backlit keyboard.

Customer Project Challenges:

The challenge for ICON Electronics was to create a backlit keyboard that not only provided uniform and adjustable lighting but also maintained the sleek and slim design of their ultrabooks. Traditional backlit keyboards often faced issues such as uneven illumination, increased thickness, and limited customization options.

Yu An Electronics Solution:

Yu An Electronics, a pioneer in LGF membrane switch technology, collaborated with ICON Electronics to address their challenges. They proposed the integration of LGF membrane switches into the laptop’s backlit keyboard. LGF technology utilizes a thin and flexible film with printed light guides, ensuring uniform light distribution across the entire keyboard. Yu An Electronics worked closely with ICON Electronics’ design and engineering teams to customize the LGF membrane switches according to the laptop’s form factor and design specifications. The LGF technology allowed for precise control over the backlighting, enabling adjustable brightness levels and dynamic lighting effects.To overcome the challenge of maintaining a slim profile, Yu An Electronics optimized the thickness of the LGF membrane switch, ensuring it seamlessly integrated into the laptop without compromising on aesthetics or performance.

Customer Satisfaction:

Upon the launch of the new ultrabook with the LGF membrane switch backlit keyboard, ICON Electronics experienced positive feedback from both users and industry experts. The backlit keyboard not only met but exceeded customer expectations, providing a premium and seamless typing experience with uniform backlighting. Users praised the keyboard’s aesthetics, the ability to customize lighting effects, and the overall improvement in typing comfort. In the following days, Yu An Electronics got bulk orders from ICON, and established the stable business relationship until now.

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