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Sealed Membrane Switches Keep Water Out

Oct 21, 2023 By hqt

Sealed membrane switches provide excellent resistance to moisture, chemicals, & dirt. We can design an IP67 waterproof gasket into your keypad to protect your electronics. Moisture ingress can cause your keypads to fail which can lead to total product failures. It is important to keep all electronics sealed off from outside contaminates. We know how important it is to you that your keypad doesn’t fail while in the field. That is why we specialize in IP67 sealed user interface designs.

Benefits of Sealed Membrane Switches:

  • Increased keypad resistance to dust and chemicals
  • Elimination of moisture ingress into your keypad
  • Helps eliminate silver migration
  • Allows membrane switches to be used in outdoor conditions
  • Can be combined with ESD shielding technologies
  • Waterproof gaskets can be designed with 3M LSE adhesives
  • Regulatory compliance for keypads in critical “must work” applications

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