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LED Membrane Switch
LED Membrane Switch
LED Membrane Switch
LED Membrane Switch
LED Membrane Switch

LED Membrane Switch in Aerospace Control Panel

The cutting-edge LED membrane switch technology, renowned for its innovative applications, has extended its capabilities to the aerospace industry, where precision, durability, and visibility are paramount. Seamlessly integrating LED with membrane switches, this technology proves to be a game-changer for aerospace control panels.

  • Panel material:PVC, PC, PET

  • Insulation resistance:>=100VDC

  • Rebound time:<=6ms

  • Loop resistance:≤80Ω (within 40cm of a single key return route)

  • Reliable life cycle:>100times

  • Trip force:160~450g

LED Membrane Switch Specification
Panel size 114.6mm*58.6mm
Metal dome 8*16mm
Overlay spacer 0.13mm (3M468)
Dome carrier 0.1mm (PET100)
Dome spacer 3M467 + LED + 3M467
Lower circuit 0.125mm (PET125)
Back adhesive 0.05mm 3M467
LED spec 0402
Wire length 20mm
Waterproof class IP65
Connector 1*10ways YD female housing
Total thickness 1.0mm
Applications of LED Membrane Switch in Aerospace

1. Integrated Backlighting: LED technology ensures uniform backlighting across the aerospace control panel, offering clear visibility even in challenging cockpit environments. This aids pilots in efficiently accessing critical controls during varying lighting conditions.

2. Precision Control: The tactile feedback and responsiveness of LED membrane switches contribute to precise control in adjusting aircraft settings. This is crucial for pilots who require accurate and immediate control over navigation, communication, and other vital functions.

3. Durability: Engineered for the rigors of aerospace applications, LED membrane switches boast a reliable life cycle exceeding one million cycles. This durability ensures consistent performance and reliability throughout the operational life of the aircraft.

4. Easy Cleanability: The sealed and flat nature of LED membrane switches facilitates easy cleaning, preventing the ingress of contaminants on the control panel. This is essential in aerospace environments where maintaining equipment cleanliness is critical for safety and functionality.

Detail Description

Client Profile:

SkyPioneer Aerospace, a leading innovator in aerospace technology, collaborated with Yuan Electronics to enhance the control interfaces of their aircraft. They sought to improve user control, visibility, and durability in their control panels, addressing the unique challenges posed by aerospace environments.

Project Challenges:

SkyPioneer Aerospace faced challenges related to control precision, visibility under varying lighting conditions, and the need for a durable interface in their aircraft control panels. The aerospace industry demanded a solution that could withstand extreme conditions, ensure reliable performance, and enhance the overall user experience.

Our Solutions:

After discussing with SkyPioneer Aerospace, Yuan Electronics implemented LED membrane switches in their aerospace control panels. The switches, featuring advanced backlighting, tactile precision, and robust durability, successfully addressed the client’s challenges. The result was a sophisticated and reliable control interface that met the stringent requirements of aerospace professionals.

Customer’s Feedback:

Following the integration of Yuan’s LED membrane switches into their aircraft control panels, SkyPioneer Aerospace reported a significant improvement in overall performance and pilot satisfaction. Pilots appreciated the enhanced visibility, precise control, and the switches’ ability to withstand the demanding conditions of aerospace travel. The collaboration marked a successful milestone, setting a new standard for control interfaces in advanced aerospace applications.

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