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LED Membrane Switch
LED Membrane Switch
LED Membrane Switch
LED Membrane Switch
LED Membrane Switch

LED Membrane Switch for LCD Screen

LED membrane switch is to assemble one or several LED chips on the switch traces as the backlighting element, to achieve the lighting of the interface. The switch operates by creating a connection when pressure is applied to the membrane layer, causing a circuit to close and register a keystroke or command. Membrane switches are commonly used in various electronic devices which need uniform lighting, such as control panels, keypads, remote controls, and other interfaces where a compact, durable, and cost-effective solution is needed.

  • Types of membrane switch:Tactile & Non-tactile

  • Circuit:PET Silver Paste, FPC, PCB Circuit

  • Components:Assembly of Components such as LEDs, Resistors, Sensors, etc.

  • DIY design:Waterproof and UV-resistant design available as per customer requirements

  • Backlight:Fiber Optic Backlight, EL Backlight, LGF Backlight

  • ESD Anti-static Design:aluminum foil, AG or C paste, and ITO film for electrostatic prevention

LED Membrane Switch Specification
Panel size 68.50mm*72.30mm
Metal dome 5*20mm, 2*10mm
Overlay spacer 0.10mm
Dome carrier 0.10mm
Dome spacer 3M467
Lower circuit 0.125mm (PET125)
Back adhesive 0.05mm 3M467
Wire length 40mm
Waterproof class IP65
Connector 2807-30K-OG-F
Total thickness 0.8mm
Uses of LED Membrane Switch

Membrane switches offer cost-effective manufacturing, space efficiency, durability, easy customization, easy cleaning, quiet operation, lightweight design, and simple integration. Their thin, flexible structure is ideal for compact spaces, and the lack of moving parts enhances durability. Customizable graphics, resistance to moisture and contaminants, and silent operation make membrane switches suitable for various applications, from branding to environments where noise and hygiene are concerns.

Detail Description

Client Profile:

ImaginTech Advertising Solutions, a leading innovator in digital advertising displays, collaborated with Yuan Electronics to revolutionize the user interface of their LCD advertising panels. Seeking a solution that would combine aesthetic appeal with robust functionality, ImaginTech aimed to set their displays apart in the competitive advertising landscape.

Project Challenges:

ImaginTech faced challenges related to creating an interactive and durable interface for their LCD advertising displays. The need for weather resistance, customizable features, and a visually striking design were critical considerations for this project.

Our Solutions:

Understanding the unique demands of ImaginTech, Yuan Electronics proposed the integration of LGF membrane switches in their advertising displays. The LGF switches, designed for weather resistance, customization, and visual appeal, successfully addressed the challenges posed by diverse advertising environments.

Customer’s Feedback:

Upon receiving and testing the LGF membrane switch-equipped LCD advertising displays, ImaginTech found them to exceed expectations. The customizable controls, weather-resistant design, and the switches’ ability to enhance the visual impact of advertisements were highly appreciated. This case marks a groundbreaking achievement in the application of LGF technology in the advertising industry, showcasing the adaptability and differentiation it brings to digital advertising displays.

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