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LED Membrane Switch
LED Membrane Switch
LED Membrane Switch
LED Membrane Switch
LED Membrane Switch

LED Tactile Switch for Telecommunication Machine

The LED membrane switch incorporates a layer of light guide film as the backlighting element to illuminate the interface. Activation occurs when pressure is applied to the membrane layer, closing the circuit and registering a keystroke or command. Widely employed in electronic devices requiring uniform lighting, such as control panels, keypads, and remote controls, membrane switches provide a compact, durable, and cost-effective solution.

  • Panel material:PVC, PC, PET

  • Insulation resistance:>=100VDC

  • Rebound time:<=6ms

  • Loop resistance:≤80Ω (within 40cm of a single key return route)

  • Reliable life cycle:>100times

  • Trip force:160~450g

LED Membrane Switch Specification
Panel size 114.6mm*58.6mm
Metal dome 1*20mm
Overlay spacer 0.13mm (3M468)
Dome carrier 0.1mm (PET100)
Dome spacer 3M467 + LGF 0.5mm + 3M467
Lower circuit 0.125mm (PET125)
Back adhesive 0.05mm 3M467
Wire length 40mm
Waterproof class IP65
Connector 1*10ways YD female housing
Total thickness 1.0mm
Uses of LGF Membrane Switch

LED Membrane switches present a cost-effective manufacturing solution with space efficiency, durability, easy customization, and simple integration. Their thin, flexible structure is ideal for compact spaces, and the absence of moving parts enhances durability. Features like customizable graphics, resistance to moisture and contaminants, and silent operation make membrane switches suitable for a range of applications, from branding to environments where noise and hygiene are critical considerations.

Detail Description

Client Profile:

TechSavvy Mobile Solutions, a leading smartphone manufacturer, collaborated with Yu An Electronics to revolutionize the user interface of their latest mobile phone model. Seeking a solution that would combine sleek design with responsive functionality, TechSavvy aimed to set their devices apart in the competitive mobile market.


TechSavvy faced challenges related to creating a mobile phone keypad that not only exuded a modern aesthetic but also provided a responsive and durable user interface. The need for a slim profile, customizable features, and tactile feedback were critical considerations for this project.


Understanding the specific demands of TechSavvy, Yu An Electronics recommended the application of LED membrane switches in their mobile phone keypads. The LED switches, designed for responsiveness, customization, and sleek design, successfully addressed the challenges posed by the dynamic mobile phone industry.

Key Features of LED Membrane Switches in Mobile Phone Keypads

Tactile and Responsive Design:

The LED membrane switches offered a tactile and responsive design, providing users with a satisfying and precise keypress experience.

  1. Customizable Backlighting
  2. Durable and Slim Profile
  3. Water and Dust Resistance

Customer Feedback:

Upon integrating LED membrane switches into their mobile phone keypads, TechSavvy observed a significant improvement in user satisfaction. The tactile feedback, customizable backlighting, and overall durability of the keypads met and exceeded the expectations of both the company and its customers. This case represents a successful application of LED technology in the mobile phone industry, demonstrating its ability to enhance user interfaces in modern devices.

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