PET Membrane Switch for Automotive Infotainment Systems

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PET Membrane Switch
PET Membrane Switch
PET Membrane Switch
PET Membrane Switch
PET Membrane Switch

PET Membrane Switch for Automotive Infotainment Systems

A membrane switch is a thin, flexible, and cost-effective electronic interface composed of multiple layers of flexible materials. The PET film in a PET membrane switch serves as the substrate or base layer, offering durability and flexibility for repeated use in various environmental conditions. This technology is commonly employed in electronic devices and control panels. The switch incorporates printed circuitry and conductive elements on the PET film, creating a touch-sensitive interface.

  • Voltage:35V (DC), 100mA, 1W

  • Contact Resistance:10Ω-500Ω (varies with lead wire and material, generally <200Ω)

  • Insulation Impedance:≥ 100MΩ at 100V

  • Dielectric Strength:250V Rms (50-60Hz, 1min)

Basic Parameters of Tactile Membrane Switch
Max. Panel size 600*800mm
Max. Panel size    (with emboss) 400*500mm
Paste silver paste, carbon paste
Ink color red, black, blue, white, yellow, green, purple, etc
Trace width 0.15-0.20mm
LED spec. 0402, 0603, 0805, 1210
Wire length Per customer requirements
Waterproof class IP65
Connector female pin, male pin
Metal dome types triangle, for-legs, circle
Trip force (metal dome) 280g, 340g, 450g
Travel (metal dome) 0.35-0.71
Diameter (metal dome) 8.4mm, 10mm, 12.2mm
Surface treatment  (metal dome) gold plating, nickle plating, stainless
Back adhesive DSMS, 3M, SOKEN
Citcuit board option FPC, PCB, Aluminum
Panel material PET, PC, TPU, PMMA
Advantage of PET Material as Membrane Switch


  1. Good adhesion, color ink can be directly attached to the surface of the material;
  2. Corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance;
  3. Long service life;
  4. Suitable for emboss, good tactile feeling;
  5. Good mechanical properties;

Detail Description

Client Profile:

AutoTech Innovations is a medium-size enterprise who mainly provides automotive controlling infotainment systems for leading automotive companies. With the rapid development of intelligent age, they want to design a kind of non-tactile control panel that can provide an exceptional driving experience.

Project Challenges:

AutoTech Innovations aimed to revolutionize in-car infotainment systems with a focus on non-tactile, durability, ease of cleaning, and an intuitive user interface. The challenge was to design controls that could withstand the rigors of the automotive environment, including temperature fluctuations, vibrations, and exposure to dust and moisture.

Our Solutions:

PET material is the best choice for non-tactile membrane switch, so we recommended using polyester film as the base due to its excellent mechanical properties and long lifecycle. AutoTech’s engineering team collaborated with us to optimize design files, incorporating the latest advancements. Following evaluation and approval, our engineers expedited the sample drawing process, producing prototypes within two weeks for immediate shipment.

Customer’s Feedback:

AutoTech’s team conducted thorough testing upon receiving the samples, installing them into their infotainment systems. All tests were successfully passed, and the PET membrane switches demonstrated reliability and responsiveness. AutoTech praised the seamless integration and expressed satisfaction with the improved user interface. They acknowledged the potential for enhanced user experience and durability in the automotive environment. The collaboration with our team was deemed instrumental in achieving their goal of delivering innovative and high-quality automotive technology.

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