Silicone Rubber Membrane Switches for TV and audio system controls

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Silicone Rubber Membrane Switch
Silicone Rubber Membrane Switch
Silicone Rubber Membrane Switch
Silicone Rubber Membrane Switch

Silicone Rubber Membrane Switches for TV and audio system controls

A rubber keypad membrane switch utilizes compression-molded silicone rubber, incorporating either conductive carbon pills or non-conductive rubber actuators. When pressure is applied to the keypad, the webbing collapses or deforms, generating a tactile response. Upon release of the pressure, the webbing restores the keypad to its initial position, providing positive feedback. The switch circuit is closed as the conductive pill or printed conductive ink makes contact with a PCB during the deformation of the web. This design ensures reliable and responsive functionality in the rubber keypad membrane switch.

  • Electrical characteristics:35V (DC), 100mA, 1W

  • Contact resistance:10Ω-500Ω (varies according to the lead wire and the material use, generally<200Ω)

  • Insulation impedance:≥ 100MΩ 100V

  • Medium voltage:250V Rms (50-60HZ, 1min)

  • Contact jitter time:≤ 5ms

Basic Parameters of Tactile Membrane Switch
Max. Panel size 600*800mm
Max. Panel size    (with emboss) 400*500mm
Paste silver paste, carbon paste
Ink color red, black, blue, white, yellow, green, purple, etc
Trace width 0.15-0.20mm
LED spec. 0402, 0603, 0805, 1210
Wire length Per customer requirements
Waterproof class IP65
Connector female pin, male pin
Metal dome types triangle, for-legs, circle
Trip force (metal dome) 280g, 340g, 450g
Travel (metal dome) 0.35-0.71
Diameter (metal dome) 8.4mm, 10mm, 12.2mm
Surface treatment  (metal dome) gold plating, nickle plating, stainless
Back adhesive DSMS, 3M, SOKEN
Citcuit board option FPC, PCB, Aluminum
Panel material PET, PC, TPU, PMMA
Uses of Silicone Rubber Membrane Switch

A membrane switch, also known as a flat panel switch, comprises a printed polyester or polycarbonate overlay affixed to a printed circuit using pressure to open and close a circuit. These switches are categorized as “momentary action,” implying that they are normally open, but when pressed, the circuit momentarily closes, activating the key function. Serving as a critical element in the end product, the membrane switch acts as the interface between the user and the machine, facilitating communication between the operator and equipment, instrumentation, or machinery. The circuitry of membrane switches is screen printed using conductive inks, typically composed of silver or carbon. These switches fall under the broader category of user interfaces or human-machine interfaces, playing a vital role in various applications.

Advantages of Using Rubber Keypads:

Yu An Keyboards stands as a premier global manufacturer specializing in custom membrane switches and keypads. Our extensive design and manufacturing capabilities empower us to deliver tailor-made solutions, including custom tactile membrane keypads and keypads, perfectly aligned with our customers’ requirements for user interfaces and product faceplates. At Yu An Electronics, we excel in engineering and producing cutting-edge custom membrane switch and membrane keypad technologies, precisely crafted to meet unique customer specifications in both performance and visual aesthetics.

  • Cost-effective on a per-piece basis, but due to the expensive tooling fee, higher volume projects is more effective.
  • Rubber keypads has outdoor weatherability to extreme temperatures, aging, chemicals, and moisture.
  • It can utilize carbon pills, non-conductive rubber actuators, or stainless steel tactile domes, providing flexibility in design and functionality.
  • Customization of shapes and sizes
  • Multiple colors can be achieved by flow molding the color into the compression molding process, offering aesthetic customization.
  • Its graphics can be further customized through screen printing on the top surface, allowing for branding and visual enhancement.
  • Various backlit lighting options such as LED assembling, fiber optic backlight, EL backlit.
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