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Do you understand the membrane switch manufacturing process?

Feb 29, 2024 By admin

The membrane switch is a control system that integrates key functions, indicating components, and instrument panels. It is beautiful, lightweight, has excellent conductive properties, and has the characteristics of waterproof, dustproof, and anti-static interference. It is widely used in electronic communications, medical equipment, industrial control, Instrumentation, automotive industry, smart home and other fields. The following is a brief introduction to the membrane switch production process.

Membrane switch digital printing technology

In the previous printing of membrane switch panels, most of them were done by silk screen printing. Compared with current digital printing, silk screen printing technology is more complicated, the panel style is ordinary, and it lacks technical design style. The current digital printing technology can well display the content you want to express on the panel, and you can design specific patterns and company logos according to your needs. Just adjust the required ink to change the color and brightness in the membrane switch. Accurate expression of hue.

Membrane switch assembly

The main thing is to drill holes for the buttons on the membrane switch and determine the hole positions. First determine the hole positions according to the drawings, and then design a specific mold for mass production. When producing molds, make sure there are no skews or inaccurate positions.

The key position in the membrane switch is usually assembled with a metal dome. When the product has high requirements for the stability of the resistance and key sensitivity, a gold-plated dome can be used. Before assembling the dome, you need to place the dome on the PET film in a good position. Use tweezers to pick up the dome and place it at the key position on the circuit to ensure that the position is centered and will not affect the later use of the membrane switch.

According to customer needs, we can also provide circuit board production and assembly, combine the PCB with the metal dome, and assemble the energized membrane switch panel. The film layer between the metal dome array and the PCB is connected through 3M glue, which has good sealing and adsorption effects. Prevent bacteria from entering the membrane switch during use and affecting the product life.

Membrane switch detection

First, inspect the appearance to see if there are obvious dry defects on the outside. The main purpose is to check whether the pattern on the membrane switch panel is misprinted, deinked, or scratched, and whether the button bump position is offset.

The second step is functional testing, which requires a 100% full inspection of the function of the membrane switch, and no open circuit, short circuit, poor insulation, etc.; products with LED lights must not have leakage. At the same time, check whether the resistance value of the membrane switch button is in compliance with the regulations and whether the current is stable.

Finally, there is performance testing. Life span testing is the main concern of customers. The metal dome produced by Best Technology has been measured to be able to reach 5 million normal presses and still has a rebound effect. However, the life span test needs to be based on the conditions such as no deformation or damage on the surface of the membrane switch, and no damage to the structural layer. However, in actual applications, there will be a span of time and the impact of environmental changes on the product. Most life tests are measured under ideal conditions.

Based on the above introduction, I believe you have already understood our membrane switch panels. If your products have applications for membrane switch products, you are welcome to inquire and we will provide professional answers and help to your needs.

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