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Membrane Switch Design and Production Services

Mar 01, 2024 By admin

In addition to flatness and printing adaptability, the material of the membrane switch panel must have flexibility and high elasticity. The buttons on the membrane switch use different colors to indicate the position, shape and size of the body, which was more common in the initial stage of the membrane switch. Use color on the membrane switch panel to express the location, shape and size of the buttons. The accuracy of the operation can be controlled visually.

Membrane Switch

We are committed to providing you with the following services:

1. Use digital printing to keep the membrane switch panel beautiful

2. Produce and manufacture high-quality membrane switches containing metal domes, SMD LEDs, control resistors, etc.

3. Designed with anti-static, anti-chemical, anti-ultraviolet, anti-scratch, waterproof and other high-quality membrane switches that can maintain a lifespan of 5 million times in harsh environments.

4. High-quality membrane switches that can be combined with PCB and FPC and metal dome array

5. Provide flat, convex, dome, Epoxy quality membrane switches with good feel

Membrane Switch Design

In addition to product design services, our physical factory also has the following advantages:

1. Have a mature R&D and design team

2. According to the customer’s requirements for appearance, color, size, feel, function, etc., combined with the production equipment and economic costs, make an overall plan and provide the customer with the engineering drawing plan

3. Strictly follow the production specifications to produce and assemble membrane switches.

Membrane Switch

Yu An Electronics focuses on the production and research and development of membrane switches, membrane panels, and membrane button products suitable for applications in various fields. Provide membrane switch OEM/ODM solutions to customers in various regions. Our factory has passed ISO9001:2015 system certification to ensure the reliability of our production and supply chain. Products are inspected and tested before packaging and shipping to reduce defects and ensure quality.

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